I’m Rod Loboz. I live in Portugal, where I write software.

As a kid, I enjoying reading a lot. It seems then only natural that I majored in English and Portuguese Literature. Some of my favorite authors are Jack Kerouac, Hunter S. Thompson, Haruki Murakami, and Fernando Pessoa. I’ve worked as an English teacher, legal translator, and in sales.

I’ve lived twice in Macau, Asia. First in the mid-90s during high school and later after university. When I finally returned to Portugal, I travelled overland, without taking a single flight. I discovered my passion for photography on that trip.

In 2017, a friend had a business idea, so I took a coding bootcamp in order to build an MVP for it. The idea didn’t work out, but I found that writing software could not only be fun and useful, but also expressive and beautiful. I started teaching others how to code in bootcamps around the world, including in Australia, Tel Aviv, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. As a bootcamp teacher I’ve taught upwards of 300 students.

Today, I work as a Software Engineer, solving problems with Ruby, Python, Elixir, and JavaScript. I also take photos sometimes.